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#Teen Top #Missing 30 second video Challenge!

I tagged bananums, whdgus1004, lhoe and lulubyte!! But everyone else is welcome to do it as the rules are in the description!! Make sure to spread this round guys in order to raise hype for the MV!

Don’t forget to watch, comment and like Teen Top’s official MV!

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cappiecat asked:

I know its just that I doubt anyone would watch mine really >. < im a big teen top fan but no one watches my videos in general so I guess im a bit hesitant

this is why the tagging is important! make sure you tag your friends (whether it be other angels or not) so that they can refer back to your video ^_~

also as i mentioned, link me to your video and i’ll promote it! we’re trying to do this everywhere and create a hype for teen top, so every video counts!

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cappiecat asked:

Hey I watched your tag video for teen top! I'm trying to figure out if I should do one also >. <

i really think you should! we need as many people as possible to start their own string of videos, cuz i can only reach so many ^^

and teen top can really use the boost and attention! =D ‘missing’ is such a good song and i think not enough people are aware of it, so def do a video!

when you do, let me know and i will promote it, too! ^^~

also, other angels who read this, this is a formal invitation for you all to do #TEENTOP #Missing 30 Second Video Challenge as well — i wanna see all of your videos on youtube! xDD

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Start Now! Oursupaluv’s #쉽지않아 Youtube Fan Project



Angels, we need to keep working hard to boost Teen Top’s views on the official video for “Missing.” This will benefit their scores for Mnet M Countdown, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo!  Please join us in this week-long campaign to raise views and promote Teen Top’s video everywhere we can! 

Stage 1: Goals and Tips for Angels!

Official video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRGSqcBEOv4

Current numbers as of the morning of September 21st:
~390,000 views, ~26,000 likes, ~4,300 comments

Our goals as a fandom to reach by September 28th:
~500,000 views, ~30,000 likes, ~5,000 comments

Tips for increasing view count and benefitting music show scores:

Stage 2: Creating the Hype!

This part is where Angels can show their creative side and do a little marketing!

Some ideas:

Remember to include the direct link to the video!  Encourage everyone to click “like” and comment as well!

Do you have other ideas?  Please let us know!  Let’s do everything we can do to get the word out about this amazing music video!

** As a way to say thank you for helping promote Teen Top, oursupaluv will select six Angels who participated to win small prizes! **

How to apply:
Please compile proof shots of your promotions for Teen Top and email them to projects@oursupaluv.com
Deadline is by September 29th, 2014, one day after this campaign ends

Your choice of 2 unopened Teen Top CDs from this list + a small surprise gift (mention your favourite member if you have one!)
CDs available: It’s, Artist, Summer Special, No.1 regular edition, Teen Top Class, Teen Top Class Addition, Come Into the World re-issue

Winners will be notified approximately one week after the campaign is over.

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i’m starting a #TEENTOP #Missing 30 Second Video Challenge in the hopes of garnering more attention for TEEN TOP’s new MV “Missing”

all of you who watch this, YOU’RE IT! =DD i didn’t want to tag too many people so the chain can continue on, but you are more than welcome to start your own chain!

don’t forget to WATCH, COMMENT, and LIKE the official MV

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140914 Teen Top On Air: The year of waiting wasn’t easy, thank you First broadcast sketch [eng trans]

—Show Music Core 20140913

Q: Are you using backpacks to work out?

Changjo: Me? I’m working out to get rid of the bloating in my face and whatnot before going on stage

Niel: It’s our comeback after a year. I’m so thankful so many fans came to cheer for us

Ricky: I’m eating to improve my condition

—Nom Nom

Ricky: Are our Angels also eating well? I hope you are

Chunji: I’m so thankful for the heated response of our fans! ‘Missing’ hwaiting!

Niel: Please film me too

Ricky: It’s coming out too dark

Niel: Chunji hyung’s jaw line is disappearing

—Niel surprised by Chunji’s weight gain keke

Niel: He’s starting to worry about it now

Chunji: No, I’m not

Niel: He’s worried now

Q: Which members are the biggest practice bugs?

Niel: He practices all night at the dorm. If you look towards the balcony in our dorm, you can see your reflection on the window like a mirror. He practices all night there

—Who could it be??

—Answer: Chunji

Chunji: Me and Changjo practice together

Changjo: We’re always practicing, they’re calling us practice bugs. I want to thank you for waiting for the comeback. We’ll work all the more hard to repay for the wait

Ricky: Good job!

Chunji: Good job!

Niel: That was great, thank you fans!

—Thank you!!

Cap: Yes, today a lot of fans came to see us perform. Thank you for showing ‘Missing’ so much love. I’m so happy to see such a good response to it. Thank you!

—Inkigayo 20140914

Ricky: Today we’re here for our first Inkigayo performance. ‘Missing’

Ljoe: Good job!

—It’s age reversal time..

Niel: Slower

Ricky: Minsoo-ya fan me a bit too! Minsoo-ya!

Niel: With strength!

—Ricky got hit fooling around keke

Ricky: I knew you’d be like this

Q: How was the first performance of ‘Missing’ on Inkigayo today?

Niel: It was good

Cap: It was good

Changjo: L.Joe’s food truck, he’s treating the fans for a meal. Paying for it himself, what a cool hyung!

Ljoe: Thinking of the fans enjoying the food is making me feel full

Q: What day is today?

Ljoe: Fanmeeting!

Changjo: First broadcast!

Ljoe: First comeback in a year!!

Chunji: Today Teen Top’s paying for the food

Changjo: Huk!! Really?!

Niel: Actually before the fanmeeting, L.Joe asked if there was anything we could do for the fans

Changjo: So we all had a meeting about it

Niel: So we had a meeting and… And it came up that the fans are always suffering because of us, to cheer for us, so how about having a meal together?

Cap: We should at least treat them to a meal

Niel: Yeah while discussing this

Cap: At that moment L.Joe—

Changjo: He suddenly went ‘I’ll do it! I’ll pay!’ Taking out his credit card

Niel: So everyone, in return please listen to ‘Love U’ a lot from our new album

Changjo: Yes, ‘Love U’

—‘Love U’ An earnest favor for songwriter L.Joe kk

Ljoe: Listen to ‘Love U’ a lot!

Changjo: L.Joe hyung has arranged a food truck for you guys

Ljoe: Yes, please enjoy the food!

Changjo: I hope you’ll enjoy the meal!

Niel: Please show L.Joe a lot of love

Ricky: Angels, see you soon! Bye-bye

All: Bye bye bye

Ricky: We’re on our way to see the fans now. As always Angels are amazing! Jjang jjang man!

—Teen Top’s ‘Missing’ comeback fanmeeting

Chunji+all: 1, 2, 3 We are Teen Top!

—Teen Top’s photo time!!

Chunji: L.Joe is treating our fans, please eat a lot

Ljoe: Please enjoy the food

Ricky: Today’s Ljoe’s treat

Niel: Yes, L.Joe hyung’s treat. The fanmeeting has ended, I hope the fans will enjoy the food. Please upload pictures of yourself eating

Ricky: Yes, we’ll check everything

Ljoe: Yeah

Niel: “L.Joe, thank you!”

Ljoe: “Thank you”

Niel: #ljoethankyou Please upload it with that

Ricky: Show us your love

—Please show Teen Top a lot of love

Ricky: Bye-bye

(ah so refreshing hearing them say nice thing about Ljoe for once, instead of always trolling him :D)

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Niel in “Missing” MV

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Niel’s comment on “Missing” MV release and “ÉXITO” album release tonight!

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엘조의 터치마이바디.. 잊지 않기로 해요♡ 제일 웃겼쟈나~ 육성으로 터졌쟈나~???? 고오~맙쟈나~ 잊기 #쉽지않아 (사실 틴탑은 그 후로도 오랫동안 정신차리지 못했다고 한다…ㅋㅋㅋ) 

L.Joe’s ‘Touch My Body’.. I will never forget it♡ It was the funniest~ Everyone bursted into laughter huh~??? Thank~ you~ #It’sNotEasy to forget (I heard Teen Top couldn’t recover from it even after a long time.. kekeke)

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press conference photo time @ 140914 inkigayo mini fanmeeting

cr. @rori_teentop

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Ljoe please, sit down

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that’s what you get for bothering niel

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gimme hq

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